Aaaaaaaaand we’re off!

For some time now friends have been suggesting to me that I should write a blog, to which I respond, “Uhhhhhh……”.

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what a blog is.  I don’t really follow any blogs.   I’ve visited a few here and there, but nothing on a regular basis.  Doesn’t a blog involve, well, blogging?  Isn’t there some sort of expectation of regular posts?  What would I say?  What if I’m not feeling particularly witty?  If I skip too many days will people revolt?

More importantly, who would read it, and why?

I mean, honestly, I’m not exactly the most even-keeled person around.  I have some very strong opinions and I have no problem expressing them.  I’m pretty sure that would drive people away in hordes.  Or in Ones.  “Hordes” would imply they were reading my page to begin with.

Which brings me back to the question, “Who would read it, and, for the love of all that is holy, why?”.   How would I lure people to come read my page?  A rusty, windowless panel van and some candy?  Maybe a graphic with some adorable puppies and rainbows?

Once they came here, how would I keep them interested?  Is there anything even interesting about me?

I like to write about the strange things my kids do, but don’t all parents think their own kids are the most entertaining?

I get on my soapbox about women’s rights, gay rights, wrong rights, right rights… What if I alienate an entire segment of the population?

My son is diabetic, and I like to educate the general public and spread awareness.  Will people fall asleep?

But I’m not one to back down from a challenge, so I guess I’m going to give this a whirl,  knowing full well I am completely out of my league.  In over my head.  Up shit creek without a paddle.  In too deep.    If you decide to join me in this ridiculous experiment, I question your judgement.  But then again, I was never known for my good judgement, so birds of a feather and all…..

And why will I do this?

Because my OCD refuses to let me quit anything until it is complete.

Stupid OCD *kicks wall*

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4 Responses to Aaaaaaaaand we’re off!

  1. Lynnette says:


  2. Jennifer Kim says:

    Super Cute well worth my couple of minutes reading it. You go girl.

  3. Leeann says:

    HAhahahahahahaahahaha. I’m in.

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