Let your inner nerd flag fly!

Our elementary school has a theme day each quarter where the students are encouraged to dress to the theme.  The kids mostly love this, and really look forward to it.  (With the exception, of course, of MY kid who HATES dressing up in public. *sigh*.  Don’t get even me started about Halloween),   Some of their favorite themes are Pajama Day, Crazy Sock Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Twin Day.  A recent theme was Nerd Day.

I consider myself to be well aware that communities are made up of many different types of people, all of whom are equally deserving of our respect.  However, I think its possible to be a wee bit too sensitive to political correctness.  And no one loves a bandwagon more than the “glass is half empty” crowd.  So it only goes to follow that the minute this theme of Nerd Day was announced those empty-glassers began to rally.  Characterizations of “thoughtless” and “harmful” were batted around.  Some felt our staff and student council “should be ashamed of themselves”.

How did our society get to this point?  When did political correctness become so extreme?  Its not like anyone suggested having Black Face Day (with a Mammie contest at lunch time!).  Or Indian Day – either kind!  How about Nationality Day?  Come as your favorite oppressed minority!

Don’t we all have a little bit of inner nerd in us somewhere?  Why not let him out for the day?  Let your nerd flag fly!

Unless you are my son.  He also hates flags.

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13 Responses to Let your inner nerd flag fly!

  1. diannaparr says:

    i heard that God hates flags…

  2. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    Amen, amen, amen!!! We can’t relax for fear of offending someone. Everyone is looking for something to be upset about! Good grief people CHILL OUT!!! Arianna has never been into the dressing up either. I find this STRANGE. Hope it hasn’t offended anyone that she didn’t usually dress up for her school’s spirit days…

  3. EAPLIVES says:

    My gawd…are you kidding me? Their parents realize they are admitting that their kids are nerds by declaring they are being victimized right???? If their kids didn’t already have low self-esteem, they got it now.

  4. They should make a whole movie about how these oppressed nerds take their revenge…oh wait, nevermind…

  5. Kara Joseph says:

    Plus Nerd is hot right now – they have a TV show, for nerd’s sake!

  6. Alex says:

    Where do “dorks” fit in to this scheme!?

  7. As my father would say when we would use the word “geek”…”Unless they are working the side show at the carnival, biting the heads off lives chickens, you can’t call them geeks.”….

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