A lot of people worry about not being prepared for an earthquake, and not having a proper earthquake kit – water, batteries, wind up AM radios, aluminum foil blankets, canned food that no one in their right mind would ever eat during normal times…  I sometimes worry about grabbing my son’s insulin (he is a Type 1 diabetic) and his other supplies.  For a diabetic, even one day without insulin can lead to death.

So you’d think the insulin would be at the top of my worry list.

You’d be wrong.

What worries me the most about earthquakes is being caught unprepared – or rather, ungroomed.  What if I put off washing my hair one day, and that’s the day of The Big One?  Now we have no water and no home and my hair is not clean!?!

What if I was tanning in my back yard in my bikini that is two *coughfivecough*  sizes too small and lost its elastic years ago? I don’t even let my own family see me in that bikini!  And now I can’t even get a pair of sweats with a hole in the crotch to cover it up??

Even worse, what if I’m lounging around that day in my sweats with holes in the crotch, my husband’s old t-shirt, no bra AND THE HOUSE COLLAPSES?  Now I have to wander around what remains of my neighborhood braless, dragging my middle-aged breasts through broken glass,  human remains and excrement!?   And with greasy hair?!?    What will the rescue workers think?!?!?  Who will pick the shards of glass from my nipples?!?!?

I’m making my own personal earthquake kit – dry shampoo, a bra, and a hairbrush.  And deodorant.  And toothpaste.  Mascara.  Maybe some moisturizer….

A girl has to have her priorities.

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5 Responses to Earthquake!!!!

  1. the sarah says:

    dont forget lip gloss.

  2. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    The dragging your middle aged boobs through the streets was a little too vivid for me. Perhaps because I have seen you do that once before…

  3. What about panties so we don’t have to see the other “unkept” hair through that hole in your sweats…please think of the rest of us.

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