Fashion has never really been my forte.  I can’t put together a stylish outfit to save my life.  I never know what’s “in” and what’s not.  If it were up to me I’d just wear my same favorite pieces over and over until the end of time.  And by “my same favorite pieces” I do mean my flannel pajama bottoms, hooded sweat shirt and fuzzy socks.  I think every day should be “pajama day”.

If you think I’m challenged with my clothes, you should see my issues with shoes.  I have about 75 pairs of shoes, which seems like a good quantity.  Unfortunately they are all either boots or flip flops.  Not that there’s anything wrong with boots or flip flops (or “thongs” as we used to call them, before “thong” took on a whole new meaning)(And you really don’t want to see me in the current type of “thong”.  Trust me on this).  In fact, I am quite the boot whore.  And a flip flop whore.   I never tried on a pair of boots I didn’t like. Hey, there are many shades of brown!  And really, can you ever have too many flip flops?

No, my challenge begins when the situation/outfit/weather calls for something in between a boot and a flip flop.  Like about 200 days of the year.  Or date night with my husband, which happens…never.  Recently hell froze over and my husband and I were headed out for the evening without kids. * cue huge gasp from the peanut gallery*  I put on a nice outfit.  An okay outfit.   Well at least it wasn’t my pajamas.   ANYWAY – it was not a boot outfit.  And yet, it was cold outside.  Too cold for flip flops.  So what do I wear with my date-night outfit?  Ballet flats?  Stilettos?  Uggs? Running shoes? (psshhhtttt.  I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.  Like I own running shoes.)

I tried them all, and yet didn’t feel comfortable in any.  I never do.  They all feel like clown shoes to me.  Like every person I come in contact with is going to stare at my shoes, and only my shoes.  And laugh.  And possibly point.  Or shake their head in pity.

So I went with the flip flops.

Oh well, at least there wasn’t an earthquake.

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8 Responses to Cinderella

  1. Fishy says:

    I think if you added a pair of clogs to your collection you’d have all the bases covered.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sketchers Shape Ups!

  3. Annette says:

    I do recall a pair of Louboutins were added to that shoe wardrobe over the last year or so. Right? They wouldn’t work?

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