Shave it for later

A few years ago, my husband and I were rushing out of our house to go somewhere thrilling and romantic, like a little league meeting.  As we headed toward the front door, we heard a shriek from upstairs, and 6 year old Lucas screeching, “I’m bleeeddiinnggg!!!!”

Like I good mother I sighed deeply, rolled my eyes, and trudged upstairs to see what the problem was.  I followed the cries into the bathroom, where I found Lucas, naked, shivering and wet, bleeding profusely from his shin.

ME: *concerned* “What happened???” (wondering if he had fallen getting out of the shower)

LUCAS:  “I don’t knooowwwwww!!!!!” He wailed, completely distraught.

ME: “You don’t know?”  *staring suspiciously at him*

LUCAS: “It just started bleeeedddddddiinggggg!!” he shivered.

ME: “So, you’re saying it just spontaneously burst?”


At this point my husband had put him up on the counter and was blotting the wound.  It looked suspiciously like the leg of a pre-teen girl, experimenting with shaving her legs for the first time.

ME: *squinting even more suspiciously*  “Did you try to shave your legs?”

LUCAS: *indignant* “Nooo!  It just …happened!”

My husband reached into the shower, grabbed my teenage daughter’s razor, and began pulling a thin sheet of bloody skin from the blades.

ME: “You DID try to shave your legs!”

LUCAS: *shaking head back and forth in denial*  “No, I didn’t!”

ME: *glares*

LUCAS: *lower lip quivering* “Well, my legs are so HAIRY!!!  Waaahhhhhhhhh!”

It’ll be a very long time before that boy ever decides to shave.

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2 Responses to Shave it for later

  1. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    True story, I did te exact same thing when I was young (I tried to tell my mom I scraped it on the faucet in the tub *blanke stare*) and I still have the scar to prove it!

  2. At least he stopped at his legs…

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