Say Cheese!

Everyone always wants to look good on school picture day.  Two years ago we forgot it was picture day, and my youngest went to school in his favorite purple tee shirt with the stretched out collar that has holes because he loves to chew on the necklines of his shirts.  When the pictures arrived a week later I could see evidence of that chewing because the whole collar was wet.  Also, he obviously hadn’t brushed his hair that day and was in dire need of a hair cut.
Last year we made sure to put it on the calendar.  The night before we picked out a nice plaid button down shirt,  which I carefully ironed.  That morning he got dressed in his usual plaid shorts, and added the plaid button down.

ME: You can’t wear plaid with plaid!

HIM:  That’s okay, it’s just for the picture, then I will take it off and just wear my tshirt. (flashes tshirt under plaid shirt)

ME: But the plaids don’t go together for the picture!

HIM: Don’t worry, they only take the pictures from the chest up, so it doesn’t matter.

ME: Are you SURE??

HIM: Yes, mom! *eye roll* Stop being such a mom!

Two weeks later we got the pictures back.


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10 Responses to Say Cheese!

  1. KimD says:

    Nice jumpsuit, Squishy!

  2. The Sarah says:

    should have just taken the button down off.

  3. BLK says:

    The best part is, I see this picture is everywhere!!!

  4. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    Baaaaaahahahahahahaha I remember this! Damn I love Lukie!!!

  5. Fishy says:

    What’s the problem?

  6. Pam Westergard says:


  7. stacey says:

    Trend setter. Just watch.

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