What’s in the glass?

I have been asked several times (referring to my gravatar and the top left photo on this page), “What’s in the glass?”  You know, that glass from which I am licking every last drop.   That, my friends, is was a Frostini, the yummiest of all martini-type drinks.

First – the back story.   My husband’s sister-in-law’s brother’s wife…..Screw it.  Let’s just call her Schmarbara (I don’t want to use real names without permission).  Schmarbara first introduced me and a few select women to the Frostini at the wedding of the two aforementioned people whose relationship to myself and Schmarbara is too complicated to explain.  Well, I could explain it, but really, who has that kind of time?

The next year my nephew had his Bar Mitzvah, and Schmarbara, et al. came into town for the festivities.  I wanted to make our special cocktail for bonding purposes, but with back-to-back Bar Mitzving to do, there was no good time to do it.  Then I had a brilliant idea. I scoured the local gift shops and bought 5 flasks.  I planned to present the Frostini-filled flasks at the family dinner after services on the evening prior to the actual Bar Mitzvah.

Now this drink is best served cold, so I didn’t want to load the flasks up ahead of time.  I decided to make a pitcher of Frostinis, and bring ice in a cooler to mix together right before serving.   As we all got comfortable at the restaurant, I went back out to the car to get things going.  I was incredibly proud of my ingenuity and creativity.  I smiled smugly as I started to assemble the “perfect gift”.

I put the ice in the pitcher with the cocktail, and stirred it around a bit to get it good and cold.  I noticed the ice was starting to melt, so I crouched on the ground between two cars in my dress, heels and tights in the dark parking lot, and began to fish the ice out with my hands, shaking it onto the ground beneath me, almost toppling over several times.

That’s when the crotch of my tights split…

Once I got most of the ice out, I began to pour the chocolatey Frostini  goodness into the flasks.  Or at least I tried to. I’m not the most steady croucher.  And I guess I should have brought a funnel.  Frostini was pouring all over the outsides of the flasks.  And my dress.  And me.  This was bad!  What a waste of perfectly good Frostini!

I bowed my head in a moment of silence…

At this point I was shakily crouched between cars in a dark parking lot, wearing a wet dress and what was left of my tights, gripping a large pitcher of booze.  There was a puddle of Frostini on the asphalt below me, which in the darkness looked a bit suspicious.  Passing cars were starting to slow to a crawl.

I now had five full flasks, outsides liberally coated with sticky Frostini, hands and wrists completely covered in Frostini, and not a napkin or towel in sight.

What the hell, the crotch was already gone.

I reached up under my dress and very gracefully removed my tights, then used them as a towel to wipe off my hands and  the outsides of the flasks (hey – I had ribbons to attach – they needed to be presentable!).  FYI – tights are not particularly absorbent.  I mostly succeeded in smearing around the stickiness.

Using my still mostly sticky hands, I attached the beautiful bows I had brought, and proudly  carried the sticky flasks back into the restaurant.  I presented them to their recipients with a flourish.  They all thanked me with a huge smile…until I handed them their flask.  Once they had their hand around the flask their smiles seemed to dim a little (I’m not sure why).  But once they drank the contents (and licked the outside) you can bet they were beaming.


Equal parts:
Vodka (the good stuff – don’t be cheap) (you can also use vanilla vodka)
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Godiva Chocolate Liquor

Mix with ice in shaker.
Drizzle chocolate syrup on insides of martini glass
Strain Frostini from ice and into glass

Recommendation:  Make an entire pitcher, as making them one at a time can be quite time consuming.  Also, do it at home, in a lit room, on a counter, with access to water.

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4 Responses to What’s in the glass?

  1. Shannon says:

    So, your tights were smeared with a brown, sticky substance? *hurls*

  2. stacey says:

    Some misery went on here, but it sounds like it was well worth it! You’re so flexible, MCW. Pun, yes.

  3. Pam Westergard says:

    Hilarious…and thanks for posting the recipe!!

  4. Stacie says:

    Crying laughing, you are hilarious!

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