No Child Left Behind

It was a weeknight, and as usual we were cramming many obligations into one evening.  My husband and older son were off at football/basketball/baseball/something involving a ball.  I had my teen daughter (the dancer) and the small , squishy one. As we rushed from one obligation to the next, we stopped in for dinner at my favorite *cough* pizza parlor,  where a fundraiser was being held for my daughter’s high school dance team.  It was a very well-attended fundraiser with crowds of people, and as usual Lucas immediately disappeared into the arcade area.

We ate some pizza, socialized a bit, and I may or may not have had a beer.  Suddenly Hannah appeared looking panicked.  “We have to go!  I’m going to be late for my dance class!”  I said some quick goodbyes and we headed out to dance.

A few minutes down the road, as we turned into the dance studio,  I realized I LEFT LUCAS AT THE PIZZA PARLOR PLAYING IN THE ARCADE.

One illegal u-turn later we were driving back to the pizza parlor very quickly….

Best.  Mom.  Ever.


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5 Responses to No Child Left Behind

  1. Fishy says:

    But did he notice? And did he care? Is it possible he was already angling to become a member of another family? Free-agency, perhaps?

    • mweisenberg says:

      He had just noticed when I came in. He returned to the table for more money (of course) and was dismayed to find there wouldn’t be any coming because HIS MOM HAD LEFT HIM AT THE PIZZA PARLOR.

  2. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    And Lukie didn’t even realize you were gone..

  3. Kara Joseph says:

    Sounds like you need to put some quarters in the “Therapy Jar.”

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