The Adventures of Bibby the Bib: Part Uno (The Mexican Cruise)

A few years ago we were set to go on a Mexican cruise with my parents at New Year’s.  That year at Christmas, grandma presented my entire family identical gifts to open simultaneously.  As we opened them grandma told us the story of how her friend had gone on a cruise and that all of the people in the dining room wore fancy bibs when they ate.  We finished opening the boxes to find we each had received our very own, custom made, formal bib.  And by bib, I mean BIB.  But a FORMAL bib.

Now, I hadn’t been on a cruise in years, but I was fairly certain that whoever gave my mom this information must be in the early stages of dementia.  My youngest son instantly had panic in his eyes, my middle son was gritting his teeth, and my daughter seemed completely baffled.

Oh boy!  Look what WE got for Christmas!

Oh boy! Look what WE got for Christmas!

I tried to explain to my mom that I thought she had gotten bad intel, but my argument fell of deaf ears.  We went home trying to figure out a way to “accidentally” forget to pack the bibs, but grandma had spent so much time and money having these beauties custom made, I didn’t have the heart to not bring them.  Plus, she’d kill me.

We hatched a plan.  If we couldn’t avoid the bibs, we’d embrace them.  We  would gloriously flaunt them on all legs of our trip.  We even named them “Bibby”, a collective name for all of them.

It started at the customs desk as we checked in for our Mexican cruise.


And immediately continued at the life boat drill before we left port.


We convinced this lovely girl to sport a bib while demonstrating the lifeboat drill.

We encouraged others to pose wearing them.



168096_10150089377471520_4099659_n 167432_10150089372141520_4267005_n 166262_10150089372256520_7261550_n 166200_499018171519_6554247_n

A Mariachi musician

A Mariachi musician

A young couple honeymooning

A young couple honeymooning

Bibby even joined us for activities.




Off roading!

Off roading!



We even found some unusual new friends for Bibby.

164355_10150089377161520_6099089_n163241_10150089377661520_7307867_n 165343_10150089374416520_1644211_n 165623_10150089374751520_142768_n 167343_10150089374486520_3308309_n

Plus he got to go to some great places.

Cabo Wabo

Cabo Wabo


And ultimately, Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed the fun.


There were other adventures to follow, but we’ll never forget our original introduction to Bibby.

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5 Responses to The Adventures of Bibby the Bib: Part Uno (The Mexican Cruise)

  1. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    Baaaaahahahaha DYING!!!!!!

  2. Amy Bailey says:

    Loving This! We are sailing to the Bahamas April 4th. I don’t suppose you loan them out???

  3. My mind sometimes wanders... says:

    Touching and HILARIOUS!! As is my usual summation of you, VVDT.

    VD. Double V-D. Hmmm.

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