Pass the jello?

A friend of mine came home one day to find that someone had left a giant dildo with a bow tied around it on her doorstep as a joke.  And when I say giant, I mean enormous.  Like the size of my arm.  My whole arm.  It was quite realistic looking, aside from the enormity of it.

This was, of course, hilarious, and she immediately sent a picture of it to a whole group of us girls on Facebook.  Much laughter and inappropriate joking ensued, except for our poor Canadian friend, T, who couldn’t see the picture and was feeling out of the loop. “Don’t worry!  I’ll text it to you!” I told her.  And I did just that.

T: Did you send it? I didn’t get it.

Me: I sent it!  Here – I’ll send it again.

T:  I’m still not getting anything.

Me:  Odd.  Okay, I’ll try one more time.

T: I STILL didn’t get it!

T:  Which number are you texting it to?
*panic in voice*    Oh god, Please tell me you didn’t text it to the 202 number!!!!  

Me: *pause while checking contact information*  Uhhhhhhh….mayyybeee?

T:  I gave that phone to my 80 year old mother in law!!!   You know she makes a wonderful jello and mandarin salad!!   Why would you do that????

Me: Ohmygod!  I’m Dyyyyyyinnnnggg!

T: So will my mother in law!!

Thumb for scale

Thumb for scale

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8 Responses to Pass the jello?

  1. Kathe says:

    peeeeeeeeee tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alicia says:

    Hahahaha that is about as good as my cock story…..A few years ago we had a family party in which all I Evans side was there and let’s justs say they are a bit reserved. When it it was time to cut the cake I decided that would be a good time to try out my wierd British accent and when asked if I would like a piece of cake, I promptly replied in my “British” accent “I would like a piece of cock.” To which everyone stared at me like I showed them a cock or something and then my sister chortled and I lost it and said “Did you hear me I asked for a piece of cock!!” At this point Evan just looked at me and shook his head….we laugh about it now;)

  3. *in her best Otter voice from Animal House*…”Look at my thumb…gee yer dumb”

  4. Love this story so much, I could hear it again and again and again and pee tears every single time.

  5. Amy says:

    I really need to stop reading these. I am crying from laughing so hard. I’m going to wake up the whole family. Sheesh. That sucker is HUGE!

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