I have had strange dreams almost nightly for my entire life.  Giant epics, with casts of thousands and worldwide locations.  People I know, celebrities, old boyfriends… they all have recurring roles.  People I haven’t seen since first grade come trotting through.  “What the hell is SHE doing here?” I wonder.  I didn’t even like her back then.  I’m pretty sure she stole my Cheetos at lunch one day.

These dreams are also full of action, and I do all of my own stunts.  There is always a lot of running away from scary things, trudging though mud, and living underwater.  I have no idea how we are able to breathe.

And a lot of it seems to happen in the dark.  It’s like being in an episode of CSI.  Why doesn’t anyone ever flick a damn light on in that show?!

A while back  I had an odd dream about being chased through cranberry bogs by Henry Winkler. I dare you to interpret THAT one.

I used to play Words With Friends on my phone. One night I sat in bed and caught up on 13 rounds of Words With Friends before I went to sleep.  Then I proceeded to dream all night that I was trapped in a never-ending game of Words With Friends where the only letters I ever got were vowels and I could never make a word longer than 3 letters.  I had to quit playing that game.

A few nights ago I dreamed I was hired to escort Sandra Bernhard around town while she was visiting.  Sandra refused to believe I was her escort and spent the day trying in vain to ditch me, continually yelling, “No, seriously!  Where is my real escort?!?” while I scurried behind her waving my clipboard.

Last night I dreamed I was at a conference of senior citizens who had a lot to talk about, but they could only talk by spelling each word aloud.

No wonder I’m so exhausted every day.

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One Response to Zzzzzzzzzz….

  1. Shannon your favorite friend says:

    My day = Made!

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