Game night with the family is always something we enjoy.  Scrabble, Monopoly, Uno, Settlers of Catan, Racko and Scattergories are among our favorites.  But recent rounds of Scattergories have left me wondering if maybe we shouldn’t play any more.

If you have never played Scattergories, you really must.  Each round players are given an identical list of categories.  An alphabet dice is rolled, and when the letter is announced each player has to write down something for each category that begins with that letter.

For example, the letter L is rolled:

A country: Lithuania
A school supply:  Lined paper
Things in the refrigerator: Lemonade
Type of tree: Lemon

…and so on.  The key is to get creative, because if you give the same answer as another player, you cancel each other out.

This is where I run into problems with my family.

Here are some recent rounds with our family.

Letter “L”
Lucas’ answers:
Menu items – Liquor
Items you save up to buy – Liquor
Something you keep hidden – Liquor
Items in a Suitcase – Liquor

Maybe we need to do something about the company he keeps.

Letter “H”.
Category:  Things in your wallet
Lucas:  Hispanic person (a really small Hispanic person….)

I had trouble coming up with a rebuttal for that one.

Letter “B”
Category: Things at the beach
Answer: Big, bouncing boobies
GRANDPA!!!!!!!  Sheesh!

Letter “S”
Category: Farm Animals
Husband: Scapegoat

Close, but no cigar.

Letter “L”
Category: Instruments
Husband: Love Organ

Well THAT was appropriate.  *eye roll*

Letter “E”
Category:  Things you keep hidden
Teen Son: Erections…..

That’s it.  I fold.  *tosses pencil in air and exits room*

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5 Responses to Yahtzee!

  1. Shannon your favorite friend says:

    This is why we all love your family.

  2. Leeann says:

    I knew I’ve always wanted to play that game. Where’s my Target list?

  3. The One and Only J9 ! says:

    I love your Family! Ours would play so with yours!!!

  4. Amy says:

    I’ve read and LMAO! Just thought you should know, Michelle. Thank you.

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