Weebles wobble…

It’s time for more Tales of Lucas.

Recap:  Lucas is little and squishy and I love him to pieces and he has been sucking the life out of me little by little since the day he was born.

When Lucas was very young, around age 2, we had our routine any time we were leaving the house –  We would walk into the the garage, and I would push the button to open the door.  I would open the passenger door and put whatever stuff we were taking with us on the passenger seat.  Meanwhile he would walk around the back of the car and wait on the driver’s side for me to open his door.

It was easy and predictable, but this child is anything but easy or predictable.  Once I became complacent in this routine it was only a matter of time before he got me.

One day we went into the garage as usual.  I pushed the button to open the garage door, and sent Lucas around the back while I put our crap on the passenger seat.  As I was bent into the car getting everything situated, a movement out of the corner of my left eye caught my attention.  I turned my head and looked out the rear window of the car just in time to see a very small pair of feet dangling in the air!!!

As the garage door was opening he had grabbed onto the bottom edge and let it carry him to the top!!  Are you kidding me????

I ran around the back of the car just in time to see him let go and belly flop, spread eagle, onto the concrete below.  Before I could panic, he bounced up like a Weeble (cuz they wobble but they don’t fall down), giggled, and toddled around to his car door.

It was that very night I noticed my first gray hair.

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2 Responses to Weebles wobble…

  1. The Sarah says:


  2. The One and Only J9 ! says:

    My WEEBLE is My middle son, Michael! And like Lucas, he began sucking the life out of me at a very young age as well! I can soooooooo relate!

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