Hair today, gone tomorrow…

My husband has a reputation in our house for being, well, clueless less than observant sometimes *coughallthetimecough*.  A while back my teenage daughter decided she wanted to get purple hair extensions.  Just a few, weaved into the the sides.  Her hair is already dark brown, so it wouldn’t stand out quite so much.

I figure, hey – she’s a teen.  This is the time to experiment with stuff.  It’s not like they were permanent.  They were glued in and could be removed at any point in time.  I thought they didn’t look half bad, but she was worried about what her father would say, so she didn’t point them out.

It began as a joke – let’s see how long it takes daddy to notice.  An hour or two?  Maybe not until morning?

He arrived home early from work.


At dinner that night she did a lot of playing with her hair, winding it around her fingers while she was talking.


Nothing the next night as well.

My teen son saw this as a money making opportunity and quickly set up a family “pool” for how long it would take daddy to notice.  The buy in was $20.  We all bought in, even the small squishy one.

For days my daughter did everything she could to get dad to notice –  twirling her hair, wearing it in a pony tail so the purple was more obvious…


Even our bad hair puns didn’t tip him off.

“This seems like a hairy situation”.  “Don’t be so hairbrained”.

Finally….at last!…he noticed.  Seventeen days later.  We all erupted in a huge cheer, and immediately pulled out the papers for the pool.  My teen son was the ecstatic winner of $80.

That was the best $20 I ever lost.

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4 Responses to Hair today, gone tomorrow…

  1. Trish says:

    When Shelley was pg with her first, my dad grew a full beard and mustache (that came in GRAY), and told everyone at work that they would know when his grandchild was born when he shaved. Carrie was TWO WEEKS OLD before anybody noticed. @@

  2. Trish says:

    My point being that a lot of people are NOT good observers, especially men (since that was the majority of my dad’s colleages). LOL

  3. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    John isn’t the best with the hair stuff either. I have gone from past my shoulder to my chin… Nothing.

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