Professional discretion

Today I woke up with the fourth cold sore I’ve had in my entire life.  As we were wandering Rome I saw a pharmacy, and decided to step in to see if they had anything for it.  It was a little crowded so I waited my turn until the pharmacist motioned for me.

ME: *in a hushed tone* Do you have anything for a cold sore? *pointing to my lip*

PHARMACIST: *loudly* You mean, for the herpes???

ME: *dies of embarrassment*

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2 Responses to Professional discretion

  1. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    At least your syphilis is still a secret…

  2. Barbara Foster says:

    Hahaha…I’m all about hushed tones however I can never pull them off. Welcome to herps club as my son fondly calls it!!

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