Pope on a Rope

Rome is filled with Bangladeshi (is that even the right word?) street vendors. One right after the other they line the streets, all selling the exact same products.  The exact. same. products.  Standing no more than three feet apart from each other.  How they ever make any money is a complete mystery, especially since most of their items are complete garbage.

One item, however, caught my eye.

The Pope bobble head.

I mean seriously, what could be a better souvenir from Rome than a freaking Pope bobble head!?

ME: I have to have a Pope bobble head.

HUSBAND: Why on earth would you want that?

ME: Because it’s awesome. Duh.

HUSBAND: No, it’s not.  It’s just something you’re going to make me carry around.

ME: I never make you carry things around!

HUSBAND: *twists shoulder to show me my camera bag he is carrying*

ME: I will definitely carry my own Pope.

HUSBAND:  You’re not getting a Pope.

My Pope that my husband carried around all day.

My Pope that my husband carried around all day.

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8 Responses to Pope on a Rope

  1. Mike says:

    Does that say “Beat Us”?

  2. Kathe says:

    I need one of those! Maybe I’ll just print this picture and frame it.

  3. Beth Condon says:

    You should have gotten something my parents got while in Rome, a Popener. It is a bottle opener.

  4. caroline says:

    That is hilarious! I would have bought one as well!

  5. Peggy Lukken says:

    I have a pope bobblehead!!!

    My husband was going to Rome this summer and asked what I wanted him to bring me. “A Pope bobblehead,” I said. I have no idea where the thought came from, but I did understand that it was genius. He was incredulous and skeptical. I insisted.

    Evidently, it was a mission he charged his travel group with as they landed jn Rome. Within blocks of their hotel there was a gift shop window that contained the greatest souvenir known to man, the Pope bobblehead.

    My loo life is now complete.


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