Intro to Italy

It’s time to review our Italian Family Vacation.  Let me preface this with: our vacations are NEVER dull.  They usually contain at least one sick child/trip to the ER, and one major catastrophe.  It has gotten to the point where we just expect these things and now it’s just funny, no matter how bad.  I believe it’s called “delusional”.  Plus, our vacations also always contain some amazing new places, and incredible memories.  (granted, disasters do tend to stay in one’s mind).

Fortunately, there were no trips to the ER this time.  This time.  I could write multiple blogs about past ER vacations.  As our pediatrician says, “I wish you people would just stay home”.

We actually did some fantastic things that I will write about in separate blog entries.  We travel frequently, and I love to tell about any great things we do, so others can go do them as well.

I also like to take pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Multitudes. Bunches.  Hoards. An abundance. Volumes.  Heaps.  Masses.  A plethora.  Are you getting the picture? (pun intended) (stop groaning)

Sadly, I am nowhere near the photographer I would like to be.  I have expensive cameras, expensive lenses, and the best of everything.  The one thing I do not have is skill.  Or knowledge.  I TRY.  I really do.  I have had several “lessons” from experienced friends who take magnificent pictures.   None of it seems to sink in.  On the off chance I do get some decent photos, it’s a fluke.  But that doesn’t stop me from taking thousands on every vacation, much to my family’s dismay.

Of course, once we get home I have to upload these thousands of pictures.  And rotate them.  And crop them.  And delete the bad ones, of which there are many.  And once that is done… what am I supposed to do with them?  Why, share them with my friends on Facebook, of course!  And then watch my friend count drop…rapidly.

Over the next week or so I’ll give you the full low-down on the trip – the good, the bad, and the hysterical.  But for now, I leave you with these stellar works of art.


A fuzzy jar of sugar cubes and a fuzzy glass of…liquor.


Dark. And fire.


Construction signs in an Italian town.


My blurry, overexposed daughter grating a lemon.


An olive.


White wine, white truffles, and white cheese.


A messy table.


Part of a crooked tower.

Siena by day

Siena by day. A very bright day.

And don’t forget to enter my giveaway!  The link is in yesterday’s post.

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5 Responses to Intro to Italy

  1. Your blog is very funny, MW. I’m especially enjoying the vacation parts because I’m going to Italy in the fall. 🙂

  2. hiyabba says:

    You may be challenged as a photographer, but you are very gifted titler.

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