It’s gettin’ hot in heeere…..

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Italy posts to bring you this newsflash:


Seriously?  How can I be this old??

So, I was at tea with teen daughter yesterday, when all of a sudden I started to feel hot.  REALLY hot.

ME: Is it HOT in here, or what??  *fans self with napkin*

TD: No, but YOU are obviously hot!

ME: How can you tell?

TD:  Maybe its the sweat running down your face.

ME: *blots face with napkin*    Even my wrists are hot!  *takes off bracelet*

TD: *takes picture of me with phone*  This is really funny –  You are bright red!

ME:  This is NOT funny!  Delete that picture!  *lifts dress up as far as possible without being completely indecent, leans back in chair, opens legs and fans thighs*

TD: *giggling* My friends say you look funny.  *shows awful photo she sent to friends*

ME:  *bursts into flames*


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12 Responses to It’s gettin’ hot in heeere…..

  1. Dave Strnad says:

    Did she get the bursting into flames shot?

  2. kathe says:

    Welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

  3. yegersmom says:

    C’mon, it’s a little funny.

  4. Nancy Niederman says:

    Cheer up. It gets worse.

  5. Donna says:

    Sounds like me hen I was pregnant, are you telling us something?

  6. Barbara Foster says:

    obviously you are suffering from LACK OF ALCOHOL SYNDROME….seriously, it is true…it happens to women after rearing children and husbands for roughly 25+ years.. I’m not making this stuff up, I’ve asked my friend Cathy Warner who is an OBGYN and she agrees !!!

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