Mom 2.0

I just finished packing up to head out for the weekend to my very first Blogger Convention.  Conference.  Gathering.  I have no idea what it’s called.  

At any rate, I hope that by the end of the weekend I will have learned so much that next week you will be ASTOUNDED by my posts.  The wit!  The insight!  The sentence structure!  How does she do it???

I guess the next step would be to go to a photography Conference.  Convention.  Gathering.  I’ll stop now.


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6 Responses to Mom 2.0

  1. Fishy says:

    So what would the purpose of a Blogger Conference, Convention, Gathering be?

  2. Shannon, your favorite friend. says:

    Gary and the kids asked me to mention you might wanna go to a cooking convention… *and I’m running now*

  3. Barbara Foster says:

    Does this mean that you will NOT be attending senior presents on Saturday night??? We will miss you if yes

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