Busy little bee

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote a post.  These damn kids are just sucking the life out of me, always neeeeeeeding me.  Plus with the school year winding down my weeks are back to back meetings, events, activities, and banquets.  If I have to eat one more dry chicken breast I may commit hara kiri. (yes, that’s the right damn spelling.  I spent 10 minutes down the internet rabbit hole making sure!)(For you!  I do this for YOU!)

At this point I have written 13 blogs in my head and zero on the computer.  I feel like some of the topics may have passed their expiration date.  More Italy, anyone?  How about that blogging conference two weekends ago?  Anyone not been beaten over the head by Mother’s Day yet?

Seriously, Michelle, when are you going to get your head out of your ass  martini glass the clouds and get down to business!?

So right here and now I vow to you, the loyal reader/person who typed in the wrong search term on Google, to MAKE TIME TO BLOG.

I may not feed my kids or the dogs, and my house may go to hell in a handbasket, but damn it – I will blog!

Disclaimer: The above promises were made by a habitual liar.  And she drinks a lot.  The management takes no responsibility for what may or may not eventually appear on this page.  May cause diarrhea, distemper, and crabs.  Please consult your physician before reading.

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6 Responses to Busy little bee

  1. Hilarious post. It is definitely a juggling act to try to balance blogging and everything else going on. Good luck finishing the school year out and best of wishes.

  2. Alicia says:

    I am over this year all ready and now I am in meetings already for next years commitments…*sigh* it.never.ends!

    • mweisenberg says:

      Right? My husband keeps asking why so many meetings – it’s the end of this year’s commitments AND the beginning of next year’s. DOUBLE meetings! Yippee …

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