You’ve got a face for radio

As you have probably already realized, I am the mother of a child with Type 1 Diabetes.  Because of this I am fairly active on several message boards and Facebook pages for parents of children with Type 1.  We are there to give advice to the parents of the newly diagnosed, as well as to vent when things go wrong and brag when things go right.

Another woman in one of the groups I belong to happens to have a radio show.  It’s mostly about seniors and Type 2 diabetes, but she does devote specific days of the month to talking about Type 1 Diabetes.  After seeing some of my posts and a few documents I have created, she contacted me and asked me to be a guest on her radio show.

At first I was flattered.   “You like me!  Right now, you really like me!”

Then I was petrified.  PUBLIC SPEAKING?  Have you lost your MIND?!

Oh.  Hell.  No.

I talked it over with a few friends who reminded me that it wasn’t so much public speaking due to the fact that it was radio.  No one would see me, and I wouldn’t see them.    Plus it was a call-in show out of Indiana.  I could do it from the comfort of my own home!

You mean, I could do it naked and no one would know or care?

With that thought in mind I decided to go ahead with it.  If I can help even one family by sharing some of the experiences we have had, I should do it, right?  *ahem* RIGHT??

All right, already!  I’ll do it!  Get off my back.

A few days prior to the show the lovely Tami Neumann from Conversations in Care sent me some preliminary questions so I could be prepared.  They were pretty easy, since they were all about our life with diabetes.  But as the day grew closer the panic started to set in.

What if I babble?  What if I ramble?  What if I talk so fast no one can understand me?  What if I use off-color language inadvertently?  (not so far-fetched, if you know me at all)  And the worst – what if I make a joke and no one laughs????  I mean, it’s radio.  How will I even know if they smile?  All I hear (or rather, don’t hear) is CRICKETS!


As the hour approached, I made an executive decision.  I would do the show naked.  Why?  BECAUSE I CAN.

I closed the blinds, stripped down, hopped up on my bed and called in at the appointed time.  The show began, and I tried to talk to her as though I was on the phone with a friend.  Only without all the cursing and gossip.

Overall I’d say it went fairly well.  I didn’t go back and listen to it because really, no one wants to hear the sound of their own voice on a recording.  It’s weird.

Here it is if you are at all interested.

Conversations in Diabetes on Blogtalk radio

Conversations in Diabetes on Blogtalk radio

Follow up:  Last night my husband turned it on to listen to it.  I was flattered that he was able to sit there and listen, as he usually has such a short attention span.  I must be doing great!

Then I heard the snoring….

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